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About Us

As a primary partner in leadership development in the District of Columbia since 2003, New Leaders been a leader in creating transformational impact for public district and charter schools. As one of the pioneer organizations that has helped build momentum for education reform in our nation’s capital, New Leaders recruits, trains and supports school leaders who help students in poverty and students of color prepare for college, career and citizenship. Currently, our New Leaders serve 20 percent of the schools in Washington, D.C., or more than 20,000 students in every ward of the city. Approximately 35 percent of our leaders are serving the high-need wards seven and eight.

We have strong relationships with Washington, D.C. Public Schools, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, Friends of Choice in Urban Schools, Teach for America, the Achievement Network and numerous other education reform organizations.

As part of our core work training New Leaders, and with the support of the New Schools Venture Fund, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, the Washington D.C. Public Charter School Board, we have spearheaded a groundbreaking charter school initiative that creates a pipeline of leaders trained specifically for the charter sector.

In addition, we contribute to the greater goal of school leadership development through professional development events open to leaders across the city, such as our Local Leadership Summit (November 2011), a Charter Symposium on Succession & Sustainability (January 2011) and as a sponsoring partner of the 2nd Annual Data Summit (July 2012).