Point.Shoot.See! Children's Photography Workshops

  • NY

About Us

Please go to: http://www.tribeofman.com/pointshootsee for detailed project info - Thanks!

Developed under guidance and supervision of 'Kids with Cameras', a non-for-profit organization that formerly taught the art of photography to marginalized children in communities around the world.

PointShootSee! Children's Photography Workshops continue to be offered independently. Photographer and Project Director Klaus Schoenwiese uses photography to capture the imaginations of children, to empower them, building confidence, self-esteem and hope. Their visions and voices are then shared with the world through exhibitions, books, websites and film.

Point.Shoot.See! workshops are not only committed to further our students' well-being and their general education opportunities: We create opportunity for our local host (a chosen non-profit organization) to attract donor attention and to connect with international organizations capable to support their all important work.