American Council on Germany

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14 East 60th Street
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About Us

The American Council on Germany is a private, nonprofit organization that was incorporated in New York in 1952 to encourage reconciliation and understanding following the two disastrous world wars in the 20th century. Among its early leaders were John J. and Ellen McCloy, General Lucius D. Clay, Christopher Emmet, Joseph Kaskell, Dr. George N. Shuster, and Eric M. Warburg. Because of their vision of transatlantic cooperation, the Council has served as an important bridge between Germany and the United States for more than 50 years.

The ACG’s mission today is to strengthen and promote open communication and mutual understanding between the United States and Germany. The new challenges and changes facing both countries at the dawn of the 21st century demand intensified dialogue and close cooperation, as it is essential that these two key partners in the transatlantic alliance have a clear understanding of each other’s concerns and interests.