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About Us

Carbon Market Watch, a project of Nature Code – Centre of Development & Environment, scrutinises carbon markets and advocates for fair and effective climate protection.

Carbon Market Watch was launched in November 2012 to expand the work of CDM Watch to areas beyond the CDM. CDM Watch was set up in 2009 as an initiative of several international NGOs to provide an independent perspective on individual CDM projects and to critically assess the political decision-making process affecting wider carbon market developments. CDM Watch successfully advocated for stronger civil society participation, major policy changes at the UN and EU level and uncovered unprecedented scandals in the CDM.

Carbon Market Watch now continues the activities of CDM Watch and expand its work to other carbon market initiatives, including new market mechanisms, the EU-ETS, Joint Implementation, Emissions Trading and mechanisms to reduce emissions from degradation and deforestation (REDD).

The Carbon Market Watch Network connects NGOs and academics from the global North and South to share information and concerns about carbon offset projects and policies. Its purpose is to strengthen the voice of civil society in carbon market developments. Members exist around the world.

Information shared in the Network includes campaign and policy news as well as media coverage of relevant topics, alerts for public input opportunities and discussions about technical and political questions. Members also use the Network list as a resource to seek critical information from partners on the network and share advocacy victories.

Carbon Market Watch is active on three levels – at the UN level, within Europe and the Global South.

At the UNFCCC - We advocate for stronger environmental and social integrity of UN offsetting schemes and new market mechanisms by:

  • Raising concerns at all major UNFCCC and CDM Executive Board meetings
  • Campaigning against harmful CDM projects
  • Providing critical input to policy developments.

In Europe - We work to ensure that European governments live up to their claims that they are at the forefront of international efforts to combat climate change by:

  • Campaigning for EU action against carbon credits that do not represent real emission reductions
  • Advocating to uphold human rights and promote sustainable development
  • Pressuring buyers not to purchase carbon credits from socially and environmentally harmful projects.

In the Global South - We work to empower and enable civil society around the world to have a strong voice in the CDM by:

  • Publicly exposing weak governance rules and practices
  • Organising capacity building workshops and providing tools and assistance
  • Supporting actions and campaigns against problematic CDM projects at national and international levels.