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About Us

The Delaware Financial Literacy Institute (DFLI) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help individuals—especially those of low to moderate income—become equipped with the tools to get their financial lives in order so that they can become self-sufficient and enjoy financial well-being over time.

The Delaware Money School is the signature program of the Delaware Financial Literacy Institute. Established in 1999, the Delaware Money School brings community-based financial education to adults throughout the state. Over 500 classes are scheduled throughout each year on a wide variety of subjects, from basic money management to investing and planning for retirement. Additionally, thousands of residents are served each year by special request classes held at work sites, conferences, and religious and community organizations. Visit for a full listing of upcoming classes.

Established in 2004, From Purses to Portfolios is a comprehensive program that helps women understand and take control of their financial lives to create financial security and well-being for the future. The Take Charge Delaware Woman Certificate Program encourages on-going financial education through specialized classes, seminars, conferences, and networking opportunities. Visit for more information on this unique women's program, to download a Certificate Log, or to read Pocket Change--a quarterly newsletter with financial tips.

Money Talk$, in partnership with the Center for Economic Education & Entrepreneurship at the University of Delaware, assists teachers in integrating personal finance into the curriculum and includes: workshops for Head Start and daycare providers and K-12 teachers; a summer graduate level institute for teachers; and Money Talk$, a newsletter for teachers, children, and their families.

Money $marts, in collaboration with the Center for Economic Education & Entrepreneurship, is a comprehensive program designed to establish a financial dialogue between youth and adults. It provides a practical, hands-on introduction to personal finance. In addition to free interactive conferences and events, Money $marts includes: Bank At School - A hands-on, real banking experience in which elementary students deposit savings weekly at "bank branches" in their schools.; Treasurer's Summit for High School Students - An annual financial education workshop; *ME (*Meaningful Economic and Entrepreneurship) Competition - 2007 marked the 21st anniversary of this event. Each year, 500 third through sixth graders compete in problem solving, team production, and a test of economic, entrepreneurship, and personal finance skills.

The Where Hou$e, which will launch in 2007, is an online resource directory of free financial education speakers, programs, and materials available in Delaware.