CAHCC (Charity Association Helping Cambodia's Children)

  • Takéo Province


Treang, Cambodia
Krong Doun Kaev
Takéo Province


About Us

CAHCC serves young people and their families in Treang District, Takeo Province, Cambodia.

Our mission is to be a safe and supportive environment for the local young people to come play, create, study and follow their dreams. We are a small but growing association intent on providing opportunities and support throughout the community. Thanks to the hard work and commitment of volunteers from all around the world, the project is steadily developing. Since we established in November 2015, we have had a positive impact on the community and made a noticeable difference.

To help us make the project sustainable for the future, we are in great need of long term volunteers with a wide range of skills and experience in a number of different subjects e.g volunteer co-ordinating/recruitment, writing funding bids, education, youth/play work, admin/IT, construction/carpentry, sports, music, art etc.