Institute for Jewish Spirituality

  • NY

About Us

We seek to transform Jewish life.

By helping Jewish clergy and leaders embrace contemplative practices such as torah study, prayer, meditation, yoga, and immersive retreats, we provide them with valuable skills for effective leadership while creating opportunities to deepen their spiritual lives and connect meaningfully and authentically with the Divine.

By strengthening our clergy and leaders in this way, we introduce communities and institutions to new forms of authentic Jewish practice, enrich everyday life with Jewish wisdom, link the search for inner wholeness with tikkun olam, and create a vibrant, enduring Judaism for the next generations.

We see a vibrant, transformative Judaism that is rooted in tradition and attuned to contemporary sensibilities; is invigorated by practices integrating mind, body, heart and soul; inspires Jews to connect meaningfully with each other, with their communities, and with the Divine; and creates a more just and compassionate world.