Seeking Wisdom

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United States

About Us

Seeking Wisdom is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, interfaith institute. We are
dedicated to promoting:

  • a spirituality of meaning and self-cultivation
  • sapiential, civilizational, and civic literacy
  • a public arena constituted by deliberation around questions of meaning
    and value,
  • economic structures which conserve the integrity of the ecosystem and
    the social fabric and which promote the full development of human
    capacities, and
  • technologies which conserve the integrity of the ecosystem and promote
    rather than eroding the complexity and organization of the universe.

Our current work is centered around

  • providing cutting edge political-theological analysis and developing the social-theoretical, philosophical, and theological resources necessary to chart the next steps in the human civilizational project
  • developing a leadership core capable of carrying forward this work and
  • developing new modes of spiritual and civilizational engagement appropriate to a global information economy.