Phillips Theological Seminary

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901 N. Mingo Rd.
United States

About Us

Phillips Theological Seminary is an accredited institution of higher education, affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), dedicated to preparing women and men for varied Christian ministries in church and society. We are a community of teachers and learners seeking to be faithful to God through disciplined, reasoned, and reflective study of scripture, religious tradition, and human experience.

We exist primarily to serve the church's need for an educated ministry. Located in Tulsa, OK, we offer a unique brand of theological education in this region of the country: the tandem of ecumenical theological education and denominational formation in partnership with various Christian denominations. In addition, we welcome students who are not pursuing ministerial degrees but who want to explore and deepen their faith by taking specific courses in our curriculum. Furthermore, as an ecumenically-oriented seminary, we employ faculty and staff and welcome students from over 20 denominations.

Identity statement:

Phillips Theological Seminary offers theological education dedicated to learning the way of Jesus in order to cultivate vital communities, vital conversations, and the public good.

Mission statement:

The seminary’s mission is to learn and teach how to be: attentive to God; responsible biblical and theological interpreters; faithful individuals and communities acting with God to transform the world.

The following three core values undergird the seminary's mission, programs, and ethos.

  • rooted in the ecumenical life of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ);
  • centered on the spiritual formation of effective Christian leaders;
  • committed to student-oriented academic excellence.