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St. Louis
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About Us

We believe that educational opportunity is a right of our youth. We know that the long-term prospects of our city hinge upon our ability to educate tomorrow’s leaders. From pre-Kindergarten through twelfth grade, our students must have access to an education that enhances their potential and propels them to college. inspireSTL places talented low-income middle school students into the region’s top college-prep high schools and supports their ongoing academic progress to realize a steady crescendo of their potential through access to a dynamic education.

What is inspireSTL?

inspireSTL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that identifies future leaders from middle schools in inner-city St. Louis and places them in the top performing college preparatory public, parochial, and private high schools in the region. Crescendo Scholars are students who have clear academic and leadership potential, but who need the right opportunities to bring that potential to life. Through inspireSTL’s placement and support, the Scholars become informed and empowered young people, ready to reinvest in their neighborhoods and communities. inspireSTL now supports nearly 80 Crescendo Scholars across the city of St. Louis with year-round academic, social/emotional support, and leadership development services.

The inspireSTL community is incredibly multi-cultural, and well represents the diversity of the city in the twenty-first century. Furthermore, 86% of the Crescendo Scholars are from low-income backgrounds, and 85% of them are projected to be the first person in their families to receive a diploma from a four-year college or university.Some have lived in St. Louis their entire lives, while others immigrated to the United States in the past few years from war-torn areas. What ultimately unites such a diverse group of young people is their collective drive to excel academically and their unlimited potential, which will propel them on to become the future leaders of our communities.

inspireSTL’s Crescendo Scholars Program currently consists of the following major elements to bring its mission to life:

  1. High School Admissions Program
  2. Scholar Support Program
  3. Leadership Program

What are some program successes?

  • 100% of Crescendo Scholars secure placement at some of the region’s top college preparatory high schools
  • Scholars collectively maintain a B grade point average at their significantly more rigorous high schools
  • Scholars serve as student body vice presidents and sports team captains, have founded student clubs, and are consistently recognized at students of the month at their school
  • inspireSTL has built partnerships with other institutions such as KIPP: Inspire Academy, Saint Louis University, and Saint Louis Public Schools District