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Menlo Park, CA is uniquely positioned to become climate neutral in ten years (2015-25) to promote community prosperity and protect civic heritage.  Achieving climate neutrality means that every building and other land use in Menlo Park and every vehicle originating in Menlo Park produces zero net carbon dioxide or equivalent pollution over the course of any given year.

 MenloSpark ( is a new non-partisan organization joining together business, resident and government entities to achieve this ambitious goal, create sustained community prosperity and serve as a model and partner to other communities.   MenloSpark will use a recently-completed strategic analysis and road map by Redstone Strategy Group (an internationally known strategic consulting firm) as its guide.

 With the leadership and unique assets available to Menlo Park, we can go far past what any city of similar size has done across the globe – combining the financing of what already makes economic sense, piloting innovative approaches for the future (e.g. a greentech incubator), and changing the incentives for every business and resident to help themselves and the city at the same time to succeed.  There is no shortage of good community level ideas, but putting them all together will set Menlo Park apart.