International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center

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About Us

One CIMMYT’s” unifying vision and mission emphasizes scientific excellence, capacity building, and impact through partnerships.

CIMMYT and its research partners provide agricultural solutions to the problems of poor people in developing countries. Together, we:

  • Develop maize and wheat seed that yields well and resists or tolerates diseases, insects, and other stresses that harm maize and wheat in developing countries.
  • Distribute this seed worldwide. Hold maize and wheat genetic resources—seed from all over the world, including seed of old and rare varieties—in trust for all people.
  • Develop techniques to protect the natural resources (especially soil and water) used to produce maize and wheat in developing countries.
  • Generate and distribute new knowledge about maize and wheat, including knowledge about economic and policy factors influencing maize and wheat production and consumption.
  • Develop more effective methods for conducting research on maize and wheat.
  • Offer many kinds of training to researchers from developing countries.
  • Offer consulting on technical issues, to share knowledge on the latest research problems and solutions.

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