Rays Of Hope Support Initiative

  • Lagos

About Us

Rays of Hope Support Initiative is a Non-governmental organization registered with CAC/IT/95251 and located in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. ROHSI was established in September,2016 to offers several social/hearty healthy Services to low income and less privileged members of the community.

Beyond providing this social services, we intending helping them acquire new life; cope with their health-related issues, especially on high blood pressure, a common risk factor, which untreated, leads to more serious situations such as sudden death, stroke, damage to the five major organs in the body.


ROHSI vision is to educate and impacts people’s lives by promoting health and well-being through outreach campaigns by giving them the right to make choices as it affects their health.


To provide platform to wellness, well-being of our community by providing consistent excellent and accessible health awareness programs to all in need of care regardless of their status.


·       To raise awareness on high blood pressure, its effects if not manage.

·       To build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease

·       To create training/awareness on how to live a healthy life

·       To create the mean for providing medical assistant to the people suffering from hypertension and other heart related disease.

·       To work for upliftment of overall human development

·       To solicit and coordinate participation of social partners, employers on both government and private sector, professional societies’ and NGO/civil society groups in the process of societal development.

·       By reduce mortality ratio from this silent killer through basic health education

·       To accept grants, donations, assistance from public bodies, corporations, companies or persons or trusts for the purposes of this Initiative and to manage efficient, effective and permissible fund flow and fund utilization in consonance with the objects stated herein.

·       To organize and participate in seminars, conferences, fairs related to the objects of this initiative

·       To give helping hand as much as possible to help, individuals and families that may have suffer financially or otherwise because of sudden health crisis getting back into their daily life

·       To be a middleman connecting this who have suddenly been disadvantaged to donors who want to help

·       To discourage people restoring to self-medications instead of seeking proper medical attention