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About Us

Veneration (aka the Veneration Project) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to fostering stable intergenerational communities by creating diverse, pro-active housing solutions for older adults. We believe that regardless of socio-economic status, people should be able to age in the physical environment of their choice — and that informed, proactive decisions about housing are central to social and financial security as we age.

Our aim is to help individuals and families leverage local resources to navigate the intersection of aging and appropriate housing; and to pilot and scale new models that help people age in their communities while preserving their resources and independence.

We are currently working on two tracks:

1) cultivating an on-line community dedicated to opening dialogue and sharing resources about the practical aspects of aging, and

2) piloting a clinic in Brooklyn, New York, that aims to create a comprehensive consultation on the legal, financial, social and emotional aspects of aging, around the focal point of appropriate housing.