SheCan Charlotte

  • NC

About Us

Our Mission

To utilize a pragmatic and culturally appropriate education plan that uses a holistic approach by integrating home, family, and work related skills building to empower women in their roles as mothers and members of our community.

Our Vision

To have a community where women have more decision making options.


  1. The Garden Incubator will offer the learning space from which participants learn about their Urban Homesteading Business. The garden will serve as a central activity to promote an inclusive and integrated community.
  2. To provide our members with a pragmatic, holistic and pre-academic ESL Program that overcomes participants’ fears and self-doubts in communication as they become independent and self-confident communicators.
  3. The Financial Literacy Program will provide our members with the skills, language and knowledge necessary to grow their own small businesses with an emphasis in their Urban Homesteading Business as provider of a marginal or supplemental family income.
  4. The Urban Homesteading Business project will provide the member with the knowledge of technical skills needed for vegetable cultivation. Basic knowledge of the local ordinance of handling and marketing of their produce; highlighting the importance of healthy food alternatives.