Help Kenya Project

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Dobbs Ferry

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About Us

The Help Kenya Project is a New York based charity that focuses on helping the children of Kenya. We collect donations of used computers, books, clothing, sports equipment, and other supplies and ship them to Kenyan schools and libraries. In return, we ask that the recipients plant trees to combat deforestation and provide children with a place to rest and play out of the sun. It’s incredible how valuable the book or computer you might be throwing out is to a Kenyan child. By providing Kenya’s students with science, English, and computer skills, we give them a much better chance of finding good jobs later in life. We break the cycle of poverty by helping Kenyans to help themselves. This is charity that truly leaves a lasting impact. As of July 2008, The Help Kenya Project has shipped over 1700 computers, over 15,000 books, and approximately 20 pieces of medical equipment. In response, beneficiaries have planted over 50,000 trees. We are continuing to prepare future shipments, which go out yearly in the summer. Jude Ndambuki follows the yearly shipments to Kenya, where he visits schools to see the computers in use and solve any problems.