Future America Basic Research Institute

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About Us

Dr. Nkosi Ajanaku, Esq., Founder and Chief Researcher of Future America or FABRI discovered a basic breakthrough for solving the historical ethnic conflict that divides people in the United States. Hence, the mission of Future America is to put this basic research into the hands of people, communities, developing nations and the industrialized world for the purpose of creating a new foundation for wealth and properity using the following four cornerstones of Dr. Martin Luther King, JR: 1. To live by the Creed and principles of the 1776 Declaration of Independence; 2. To create a new personal character so that each person can actualize the truths that all people are created equal at conception and birth; 3. To quit judging people by the color of their skin (eliminate black, white, red, yellow, brown, etc; and 4. To model leadership for others free from the psychosocial conditions, situations and circumstances of the past.