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About Us

Earth Celebrations, a non-profit (501(c)3 organization founded by social action artist Felicia Young in 1991 in New York City, engages communities to effect ecological and social change through the arts. Past work includes a 15 year social action project and theatrical pageant which directly led to the preservation of hundreds of community gardens in New York City and an annual project and theatrical pageant to restore the Hudson River's native species and habitats and address climate change.  Earth Celebrations has developed a successful methodology utilizing community-based art and the theatrical-pageant art form along with civic engagement and activism. These community-based art projects have initiated broad base citywide coalitions and collaborative partnerships bringing together environmental organizations, academic and cultural institutions, municipalities, government officials, schools, community centers, neighborhood associations, artists, and local residents to work together on common goals. Their latest project launched in January 2014, applies these creative strategies to a global context and intercultural dialogue, mobilizing the city of Madurai, South India to restore the Vaigai River that is in a severe crisis due to pollution, waste dumping, and the drying effects of climate change.


Felicia Young- Founder/ Executive Director
Earth Celebrations
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