Mwanga Children's Foundation

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About Us

MWANGA CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION aims to remove children from their current undesirable conditions and provide them with a safe and loving environment for them to grow and develop. The organisation will provide them with food, clean clothes, personal care and a basic education through a training centre, providing the children with various vocational skills. The organisation will be approaching potential sponsors for these children to give them the chance of going to school (something that is currently out of their reach due to school fees). The organisation’s main aim is to prevent these children from becoming another number in the already worrying statistics relating to street children in Tanzania. The organisation wants to change the outlook of these children and assist them in becoming active members of society instead of them resorting to activities such as crime and substance abuse in the future. With these children being properly cared for, the strain will be taken off of family members so they can focus on supporting themselves and creating a better lifestyle. The children will be off the streets and will be educated to the same standard as their more fortunate peers. MWANGA CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION aims to provide a school environment for its children in the future.