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About Us

For four years, Future of Fish has cultivated deep system-level insight into the global seafood industry. We use this knowledge to provide strategic guidance for those looking to drive an end to overfishing.


Future of Fish is a nonprofit systems change incubator. We work with entrepreneurs, industry players, and investors to create business solutions to ocean challenges.


We aim to create a global supply chain that produces legal, traceable, trustworthy fish; that rewards responsible fishing with better prices; and that participates in resource conservation.

What We Do:

We work with investors, philanthropists, funders, and entrepreneurs to achieve this vision through our Discovery, Co-Design, and Pod work. Our process combines original primary research, analytics, and co-design to identify stuck points in the seafood system, which, if resolved, would simultaneously unleash business opportunities while saving wild fish. We then convene entrepreneurs working in these areas in collaborative groups called Pods. Pods facilitate collaboration and strengthen ties among individuals working on different but related aspects of a problem in order to support individual success and achieve collective impact at larger scales.