United Way of Olmsted County

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About Us

The mission of United Way of Olmsted County is uniting people and resources to improve lives in our community.

Since 1925, the United Way of Olmsted County has been successfully uniting people and resources for the greater good of the community. Part of that success has resulted from the United Way's ability to adopt new philosophies, strategies, and practices to meet the changing needs of our community, as well as the changing expectations of our donors. In the summer of 2000, the United Way of Olmsted County Board of Directors adopted several aims and goals for the period of 2000 to 2003. Under the aim of "Leading Positive Community Change," the Board of Directors established the following goals: Serve as a leader in assessing and communicating community needs; Develop a fund distribution system that established fund priorities based on community needs and program outcomes/results; Promote and facilitate innovative and creative responses to emerging community needs; Build partnerships and participate in initiatives that add value to the community beyond that of individual agencies.

Since that time, United Way has engaged in thoughtful dialogue around Community Impact to develop a plan and timeline to achieve these goals. United Way of Olmsted County’s Circle of Caring Community Fund focuses on: Education, Income, Health and Community Basics - the building blocks for advancing the common good. In each of these areas our community programs are working on creating lasting changes with clear measures of progress and a clear vision of the success.