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About Us

Play for Hope is a partnership of Rwandans and Americans dedicated to three aims: - To bring the gospel of hope, reconciliation, and long term change to Rwanda through sports development. -To create sustainable sport opportunity for the youth of Rwanda. -To equip Rwandans with tools to develop sports in their country.

During the summer of 2009, for two months we will visit Rwanda putting on youth soccer and basketball camps, tournaments, and training Rwandans to be sports leaders in their community.

Why do we focus on sports? Sports can cross and heal societal distinctions and strifes in ways other methods cannot. They teach that all humans are equal no matter race, ethnicity, or tribe. Sports provide mentorship to youth that otherwise would have little adult involvement in their lives. They can teach real life tools for success. While never in place of education, sports can teach youth that through hard work and discipline they can change the world. Sports have proved effective in teaching children healthy lifestyle habits. Sports can be played anywhere. They are effective in cities and villages. They are effective for the poor and the rich. They cross barriers. And break them.

Help us in helping the youth of Rwanda with this opportunity: