Beit Rabban Day School

  • NY


15 West 86th Street
New York
United States

About Us

BEIT RABBAN is a Jewish day school where teachers engage seriously, deeply, passionately and reflectively in Jewish learning, ideas and practice. The school's educational approach combines intensity and rigor, openness to different interpretations and ideas, and careful attention to the strengths, needs, and dispositions of each individual child.

BEIT RABBAN welcomes children into a world of exploration and discovery. The school encourages students to think, question and communicate ideas across subject areas in a warm, quiet and respectful atmosphere. The curriculum emphasizes authentic learning experiences over the repetition of teacher-generated procedures and information. BEIT RABBAN students emerge as serious and committed Jews, independent thinkers, life-long learners and engaged citizens.

BEIT RABBAN has an effective approach to teaching Hebrew to young children. Kindergarten and first grade students participate in a partial-immersion program of Hebrew-language study designed to develop beginning fluency in Hebrew in preparation for the formal study of Jewish texts. Hebrew is also the language of informal communication within the school throughout much of the school day.

In general education, BEIT RABBAN teaches its children to appreciate the beauty and structure of each discipline, to expand their imaginations and to develop as reflective thinkers as they acquire new concepts, content and skills. The school teaches with an interdisciplinary, thematic approach that supplements the core skill-acquisition with a delightful commitment to the arts, natural sciences and physical education.

BEIT RABBAN tries to challenge each child where he/she is. Students learn in mixed-age classes throughout the day, generally with two full-time teachers for each class. For many subjects, children work in smaller groups, according to experience, ability, and learning style.

BEIT RABBAN places community service as an integral part of the curriculum. Each week, children tackle social problems – homelessness, poverty, disabilities, natural disasters – and work to design and implement projects to address these problems. The school's approach to community service is consistent with its approach to academic learning: it emphasizes the reflection and responsibility fundamental to the BEIT RABBAN culture.

BEIT RABBAN has an unparalleled commitment to the intellectual life and professional development of its faculty. The school regularly engages teachers in Torah learning and facilitates their collaboration and reflection as an integral aspect of their work. BEIT RABBAN'S teachers are uncommonly reflective and morally engaged practitioners who are each dedicated in their own ways to reshaping the content and protocols of Jewish day school teaching.