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About Us

Growing With Our Community for 29 Years

Our Mission

Manhattan Youth Recreation and Resources, Inc. provides the highest quality childcare and After-School programs plus academic, recreational and cultural activities for children, families and individuals who live or work in Manhattan, regardless of income. Our programs stimulate, challenge and strengthen children, teens, adults, seniors and families. Our services respond to the needs of our community. Our primary activities remain camp, After-School and our Community Center. We also engage in a number of civic issues that impact community life in Manhattan.

Our History

We started providing services to a small but growing Lower Manhattan Community. Renowned as the financial center of the world, Lower Manhattan was rarely celebrated as the vital community of families, babies, toddlers and children of all ages that it is. Moreover, the well-being of our families is vital to the well-being of Lower Manhattan; to the office towers, large corporations, hundreds of small businesses, increasing numbers of cultural attractions and, by extension, to our city and nation. While average family income here is above average, averages mask the extreme range of incomes and the needs of many Lower Manhattan families - needs that predate the devastation of 9/11 and that have grown since. 

In 2008 we opened the Downtown Community Center to much acclaim. Most recently we have spread our wings to include After-School middle school programs throughout Manhattan. We have also engaged in a new Outdoor Adventure program that emphasizes team work and cooperation while we hike the back mountains of our region!