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About Us

It’s a good bet that from where you sit, the coastline is under an hour’s drive away. That’s because half of the world’s population lives within 50 miles of the sea. Coastal communities, economies and ecosystems are critically important to the well-being of our nation and planet, and the Coastal Resources Center (CRC) has known this for 40 years. Over one billion people rely on fish for protein; three-quarters of all large cities are located along coasts; and the global economic value of our oceans is estimated at more than $20 billion per year.  CRC, based at the University of Rhode Island's Graduate School of Oceanography, collaborates with non-governmental organizations, the public, businesses and government leaders at all levels to build resilient coastlines in the United States, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. In addition, the center provides key extension services to the Rhode Island Sea Grant College Program. In sum, CRC has led the way in integrated coastal management in Rhode Island and around the world since its founding 40 years ago. Our science-based approaches are tested and proven in the real world­ and make lasting impacts on people’s lives.