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About Us

Fit 4 Life NYC is a certified B-Corporation that operates and is driven by our mission and commitment to supporting schools, non-profit organizations and under-served communities in creating healthy and active environments. We accomplish this by offering an array of programs including Physical Fitness classes, school day and after school enrichment and fitness classes for teachers and parents.

Fit 4 Life NYC is committed to filling the activity gaps that exist in the lives of adults and children by introducing them to a variety of traditional and non-traditional activities such as yoga, dance, fitness and martial arts activities. With schools cutting back on recess and physical education classes, students were left without opportunities to be active and healthy. In addition, active play, character development, and healthy competition were starting to become less of a focus in most school day and after school physical activity programs.

To address these challenges the Fit 4 Life NYC Play with a Purpose program model was created. This model for sports, dance, fitness and martial arts programs focuses on boosting a child's self-confidence, maximizes the amount of time a child moves, minimizes competition and promotes a lifetime of activity.

Today, Fit 4 Life NYC proudly partners with schools, non-profit and community health organizations throughout the city that work with under-served communities.

The mission of our Fit 4 Life NYC remains the same as when we started:

  • Stop rising childhood obesity rates
  • Introduce children to traditional and non-traditional forms of physical activity
  • Promote a lifetime of activity
  • Bring the concept of ACTIVE PLAY back into our schools
Play with a purpose.