Association of Ghana's Elders

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# 18 Lardzeh Crescent
North Dzorwulu
Accra, Ghana
PMB CT 171

About Us

Established in December 2013 in Ghana, AGE - the Association of Ghana’s Elders is a unique organization founded with the aim of addressing the concerns of the elderly, advancing and promoting their interests through diverse innovations. We are looking to spearhead a movement that pushes ageing matters to the fore, at individual, institutional and national, policy levels. Our guiding principle and driving force is to entrench “Dignity” in every way possible, where ageing is concerned.

How do we do this?

  • At the individual level, we empower senior citizens to enjoy a good quality of life in our 8 key areas of operation (see image below), leveraging our membership to negotiate discounts in products and services for all our card-bearing AGE members (people of age 60 and over).

  • At the community level, we lobby and engage organizations to tailor their products, services and commitment to the needs of senior citizens. We have community-wide initiatives that will benefit all our members, including community health screenings and inter-generational (Gen-2-Gen) conversations and programs.


  • At the national level, we engage senior citizens in relevant policy advocacy.


We are rallying senior citizens as a powerful bloc of stakeholders across multiple platforms on which they can engage productively for the benefit of self, community and nation.

Membership (to access our benefits) starts at age 60, though we encourage people of all ages to get involved in many other ways. 

Our work cuts across what we call the "AGE 8"

  1. P-POLITICAL (policy advocacy)
  2. E-ECONOMIC (entrepreneurship, business planning, retirement planning)
  3. S-SOCIO-CULTURAL (Ongoing Autobiography Project)
  4. H-HEALTH (Medical screenings, planning phase for WoW Vans & Health Insurance)
  5. T-TECHNOLOGY (Technology Workshops)
  6. E-EDUCATION (Adult Literacy)
  7. E-ENVIRONMENT (functional, built environment advocacy)
  8. L-LEGAL (legal aid)