Movement for the Promotion of gender Equality in Liberia(MOPGEL)

About Us

Movement for the Promotion of Gender Equality in Liberian (MOPGEL) is a registered not for profit non-governmental organization number D.S.W.#2340. Its aim primarily is to combat all forms of discrimination and violence against women and children and create a Gender balance Society.

MOPGEL is committed to the human rights of women, children,disabled, and youth with Emphasis on equality.. Our dream is to advocate equality where every citizen of Liberia will be treated equal as guaranteed under the nation's constitution.

Target Audience:

MOPGEL primary constituency is the rural areas. Realized the gap between the rural and urban areas we would work in both Communities for the empowerment of target beneficiaries. To achieve this objective, MOPGEL seeks partnership with International and local non-governmental organizations as well as individuals for the attainment of grants, logistics and technical assistance.

To undertake short and long-term projects, MOPGEL intends to improve the livelihoods of the population particularly, women, disabled and youth in the post-war reconstruction period of Liberia.


MOPGEL is a non-governmental organization serving as a forerunner in national and Community-based initiatives to minimize discrimination in society. Its program priorities include but are not confined to creating gender balance through Advocacy, awareness, monitoring, research, education, training and campaign.


The vision of MOPGEL is the creation of a just Liberia where the fundamental rights of all citizens as guaranteed under the nation's constitution and the universal human rights would be respected and Upheld-that women and men have equal opportunities in Liberia.

All MOPGEL initiatives are community driven as such they are implemented through a participatory approach, thus advancing socio-economic development nation wide.


To promote gender equality through the length and breath of Liberia. To advocate for equal employment opportunities for all and work against discrimination in all forms. To undertake sustained education and awareness on gender issues. To establish and manage training centers throughout the country. To train women journalists.

WE are seeking volunteers. Please contact if you are interested