Ghana Volunteer Network

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ADW 51, Area 205
P.O.Box KF1458

About Us

Volunteering in Ghana with Ghana Volunteer Network (GHVN). GHVN is a local Ghanaian Non-Profit Organization whose sole purpose is to host international volunteers in Ghana. We are a hosting and receiving organization that focuses on the part of the volunteer vacation that begins once a participant arrives in Ghana. We provide the in-country volunteer project, management and care for volunteers once in Ghana.

We are specialists in managing and hosting in Ghana and have been looking after volunteers since 2009. Because we are in-country and with you, at all times we are best placed to provide you with the best possible volunteer experience abroad.

Volunteer hosting basically means that we take care of booking placements, pre-arrival, airport pick-up, training, accommodation, food, inspecting and ensuring the smooth operation of your placement abroad in Ghana. Another important aspect of our role is to integrate you into the culture and community of Ghana and to advice you on how best to travel and tour beautiful Ghana.

Out mission is to make sure you have the best possible volunteer working holiday abroad in Ghana.