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About Us

We are sharing information about our Peace Day Party, as we all know that peace is so important. Every day we hear about violence worldwide. Good News Planet has been broadcasting the UN International Day of Peace message for over 14 years. The Good News, however, is that most of the world lives in Peace, or we would really be in trouble!  Positive. Up-Beat. Hopeful. This is the mission of Good News Planet, Peace Day Party and all our broadcasts.


We know that there are a few people in the world who can’t communicate nonviolently.  These people obviously are confused  and problematic to society.  From bullies to warriors and more we reach out to them with our message for Achieving World Peace.  And we hope they hear our nonviolent pleas. 


Please make preparations to celebrate Peace Day on September 21 in the most effective way possible. Tell everyone you know about it. Let’s create a global community bonded together in peace. The strength of our efforts will be the inspiration that makes September 21st a global holiday for peaceful action. There are already millions of people involved. September 18 Times Square, September 19 San Jose, September 20th Central Park, Sepmber 21 Brooklyn