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Mission: Ending the waste of locally grown fresh food so millions of hungry Americans can be be nourished.

The Idea While more than 42 million Americans live in food insecure homes, more than 42 million Americans grow fruit, vegetables herbs and nuts in home gardens - 5 billion pounds more than they can use, preserve or give to friends.

It doesn't have to be that way.

The Opportunity Struggling to feed their families, many Americans, both those chronically economically challenged as well as those now impacted by the economic downturn have come to rely on the more than 33,500 food pantries across America to help feed their families.

These food pantries, relying on donated and purchased foods, almost never have fresh produce and instead rely on canned or processed produce shipped from across the country at significant cost, both economic and environmental.

At the same time, millions of home and community gardeners nationwide with an abundant harvest do not know that they can share their harvest, do not know how to share their harvest and do not know where to share their harvest. solves that for them.

The Vision envisions an America where millions of gardeners eliminate malnutrition and hunger in their own community.

The Mission, moving information instead of food to diminish food waste, hunger and malnutrition in America, is educating, encouraging and empowering growers to share their excess harvest with the needy in their community instead of letting it rot in the garden.

The Goal Our "No Food Left Behind" goal is a healthier and by extension, wealthier America

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