Rosalyn Yalow Charter School

  • NY


4530 Delafield Ave.

United States

About Us

Yalow’s mission is to eliminate the learning achievement gap for poor students, including special education students and English language learners, and graduate all students at or above grade level. Yalow will open in 2015 with 202 students in grades K and 1, growing a grade each year, reaching 536 students by its 5th year. The Regents cited as excellent our school’s 11 key design elements: qualified staff focused on at-risk students; a robust RTI team of 5-11 special education and ESL teachers; a quality curriculum (Core Knowledge Language Arts, Singapore math, and inquiry-based science); high-quality collaborators—e.g., the Bronx Arts Ensemble for art, dance, and music, the Kasparov Chess foundation for chess, and an Olympic fencing coach to organize a fencing program; meticulous data-driven instruction, guided by STEP Literacy assessment and NWEA MAP for math; comprehensive professional development , including a one-month summer teacher workshop; a team teaching model, pairing an experienced teacher with a teacher with a LMSW degree in grades K-2; family involvement, beginning with home visits by teachers before school starts; a strong school culture built on character and using the disciplined activities of arts, chess, and fencing to develop the whole child; a low student-teacher ratio,11:1; an extended school day, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and a 2-week longer school year.