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About Us

Eye of the Survivor is an inspirational calendar that is dedicated to the women who have fought breast cancer and survived. The first annual calendar features 13 survivors who have volunteered their stories to spread awareness to others. Breast Cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States.

A woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every day, regardless of age. While there has been significant advances in detection and treatment, however that does not lessen the strength it takes to battle this disease. 

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer the odds are great that she will endure radiation, chemotherapy and even breast removal. The odds are even greater that she will endure it all; including the indignities of suffering through pain in order to maintain employment, which for many survivors, causes further instability. Imagine living and going through the motions of life as if nothing is wrong. Imagine holding your loved ones like it would be the last time you would see them again.

This is the life of a breast cancer survivor.The founder/photographer, Reggy Stainfil, is inspired by the strength of these women. They inspire him to capture humanity’s resilience against potentially despairing health crisis. He believe that these survivor calendars will stimulate discussion, increase awareness, and hopefully achieve more diligence among at-risk women to seek out opportunities for early detection. Half of the proceeds will go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This foundation dedicates the majority of its funding to research about the disease.