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About Us

The Cooperative Extension System was formally established with the passage of the federal Smith Lever Act in 1914 with a county, state and federal cooperative funding government partnership. Today, through partnerships with USDA, Cornell University, Broome County Government, and other funders, CCE-BC addresses critical and emerging issues for individuals, families and communities.

The foundation of the Smith Lever Act is to extend research knowledge to the community. The Smith Lever Act preamble states that the purpose of extension work is to, “aid in diffusing among the people of the United State useful and practical information on agriculture, home economics and subjects relating thereto, and to encourage the application of the same.”

CCE-BC’s core purpose and mission is to provide educational outreach programming in family and youth development, agricultural profitability, nutrition and food safety, and environment and labor force enhancement. Our mission was established at the beginning of the 20th century, and we remain true to its core purpose today. CCE-BC education outreach programs are responsive to new research findings, and the social, technological, economic and/or political changes that cause us to look at, and respond to, situations differently today than yesterday, and differently tomorrow than today. As society and community issues become increasingly complex, decision-making and problem-solving skills become increasingly important. CCE-BC’s educational outreach programs focus on helping individuals and organizations evaluate alternatives, assess risks, and ask the right questions to solve their problems.

For more information about how CCE-BC educational outreach programs can benefit you or your organization, please contact our office at 607-772-8953.