Aptitude Development & Enlistment Center, Nepal




About Us

INTRODUCTION: Aptitude Development & Enlistment Center Nepal (ADEC-Nepal) is a non governmental and non-profit making organization without any political and religious alliances. We aim to promote the quality of life of community ,especially those chidren and street children with no caregivers. In rural and urban of Nepal. We are committed to helping street, them develop through education, health hygiene safety workshops and job training sessions, which we believe are essential fundamental building blocks to creating a better society.

Objectives of ADEC Nepal : . To Make educational accessible to the street and poor children of the country. . Prevent and protect rights of people with disability and those who are helpless. .To Provide general education and vocational training program for poor and street children through schooling and vocational training program for poor and street children through schooling and vocational training within our own school center to help them become economically and independent in the future. .To provide a heaven by giving food and shelter to abandoned , orphaned and poor children in Nepal . To expose the children to the enriching and diverse elements of our society such as culture, sports and literature to breakdown and cultural differences between people of different ethnicity. To offer useful job training for elder, and community members. . To expose our children to enriching elements of society such as culture, sports, and literature. To offer useful job training for elder children, and community members. e. To educate the children and community about health concerns including HIV/AIDS, and drug awareness. f. To spread an understanding of environmental protection and preservation so as to protect the future of the greater community. g. To act as a safe heaven in times of need or disaster.

Legal Entity for ADEC Nepal : ADEC Nepal is registered with the District Administration Office,Kathmandu under Home Ministry of Nepal and is affiliated to the Social Welfare Council(SWC),Nepal