Samveda Training & Research Centre(R)

About Us

SAMVEDA was born in 1994 when the then entrepreneur Surendranath Nishanimut got engaged in teaching one child who was recognizably intelligent but was unable to learn the languages - Kannada and English. Since then it has been raised under the able guidance of Dr. P. Prakash, Reader, Dept. of Psychology, University of Mysore, into an organization which has successfully rehabilitated many children with Learning Disability.

The SAMVEDA Training and Research Centre was registered as a society in the year 1997 to cater to the special educational needs of children. Over the years, this effort has grown into an institute/organization catering to 42 students with 11 staff members (in 2002-03). Till date, 105 students have been associated with SAMVEDA and 83 of them have successfully completed their training. Of these, some are continuing education and some are employed.

To help those who need more than training at the Centre, ‘SAMVEDA KUNJA’ was found in the year 1998 with accommodation for fifteen children. It sustains under the watchful care of Mrs. Ambika Surendranath and efforts of seven dedicated staff. We plan to increase the intake by next year to twenty.

SAMVEDA aims at training Children with Special Educational Needs to survive in our educational system and our society. To realize this, we need:

1. A self sustained Training and Research centre 2. Training Remedial teachers and providing Research Assistance 3. Providing Assistance in case based Research programmes 4. A full-fledged campus with Schools, Libraries, Playgrounds, Hostels, Workshops, Teacher Training Colleges, Research Centres, etc. 5. Further development of classroom aids, tools, jigs, fixtures, games, models, etc. 6. Representing problems related to children with SEN to the Educational Policy Makers 7. Establishing contact/network with all other organizations/institutions engaged in similar work, in India and Abroad 8. Creating and maintaining a Data Bank related to children with SEN 9. Publishing books in local languages in SEN and related matters 10. Awareness campaigns 11. Volunteer participation

To fulfill these needs is our objective.

Besides an ovewhelming number of Learning Disabled in India, the concept of Learning Disability and Rehabilitation of children with this is in its infancy.There is an immediate want in Awareness creation, Financial and technical help. Contributions to this end are most welcome.

"Come be a Part in fulfilling our mission of enabling the Learning Disabled"