Indonesia Heritage Foundation

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About Us

Indonesia Heritage Foundation (IHF), founded in 2000 by Ratna Megawangi and Sofyan Djalil, is a non-profit organization aims to provide high quality of early childhood education in poor communities, and to promote character education in Indonesian schools.

The IHF collaborates with sponsoring individuals, companies and organizations to help schools, especially in the poor communities, to have access to high quality of education (examples sponsoring companies are: ExxonMobil, Chevron, Ancora Foundation, SCTV, etc. see further in the IHF official website:

The Character-based Holistic Education model (created by IHF) is designed to be joyful learning, so all children eager to go to school. The school is designed to be community initiatives. All schools are owned, run and supported by the community. They are designed in this manner to provide the community responsibility for the education of their children. This way, education and character development become important to the entire community; owned and run by the community. Numerous evidences have shown that once the schools are opened, the number of participating children will increase every year, and never will the schools be closed. This proves the sustainability issue.

The sponsors' name and logo are put in every school sign board.