Talmar Gardens and Horticultural Therapy Center

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1994 Cromwell Bridge Rd.
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About Us

TALMAR is dedicated to the mission of enhancing and improving health for all people of all ages and abilities. TALMAR's unique purpose is to provide an innovative, therapeutic and recreational environment designed particularly for individuals with disabilities or chronic conditions that impact their health and well-being.

Talmar Gardens & Horticultural Therapy Center is a nonprofit organization established to provide a therapeutic and recreational environment offering horticulture and other complementary modalities to the Baltimore metropolitan community.

Talmar exists to serve all people of all ages with a focus on those with special needs and disabilities. Our goal is to positively contribute to the mind, body and spirit of the individuals we serve by improving their physical, psychological, recreational, educational and social well being.

•TALMAR is a vocational training center dedicated to the mission of enhancing job skills for people of all ages and abilities.

•TALMAR provides a unique Community Based Instruction (CBI) program specifically designed for individuals with disabilities. Educational communities bring their students to participate in every facet of our horticulture operation.

•TALMAR provides year-round programs of indoor and seasonal outdoor gardening opportunities. Program services are intergenerational, family oriented, and all-inclusive, representing true community involvement.

•TALMAR programs serve individuals, schools, summer camps, recreation and parks programs, community daycare centers, gardening clubs, and senior centers. Horticultural programs for individuals with disabilities encompass therapy, recreation, community work experiences and vocational training.

Our farm and garden work includes a small vegetable and flower CSA, a lovely flock of laying hens, organic produce for farmers markets, and beautiful bouquets for local grocery stores and markets.