John Paul II International Film Festival

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About Us

The John Paul II International Film Festival™ is an inter-faith festival modeled after the values and ideals of the late—Great— John Paul II. The annual festival features films that uphold human dignity, the sanctity of life, and showcase the struggles and triumphs we face while trying to find the meaning to our existance. 

Much like John Paul II, we believe that once we erase the borders that divide us, be it our religious, cultural, or economic backrounds, one thing remains the same within all of us: we are all human, we are all sacred, and each one of us deserves love, forgiveness, and respect.

An actor in his youth, John Paul II fought the Nazzi oppression in Poland through an underground theater, using art as a way to keep the Human spirit alive and remind the people of their humanity. This is the idea that fuels the JP2IFF... and he is the man that inspires it.

The festival is a grassroots effort that celebrates the beauty of the human life.