About Us

We are an organization which promote vizual arts (photo, video, 3d-graphic, e-books, databases, etc) at all levels in Romania and we have a big program of developing. We want to collaborate with any simillar organization or other organization.

Best regards, ATAV-Braila

Our activities: 1. "ALEGERILE LOCALE" - documentary movie for civic education 2. "GEOGRAFII PARALELE" - video documentary 3. "SIMPOZION" - TV report 4. "MERIDIANE CULTURALE" - documentary, public presentations 5. "PHOTO-VIDEO SCHOOL" - alternative education 6. "BLASTERFAN '97" - multidisciplinary camp 7. "Manipulation in mass-media" - seminar at BLASTERFAN'97 8. "Art and adverising" - seminar at BLASTERFAN'97 9. "BRAILA-GEOGRAFIE SPIRITUALA" - e-book and photo exhibition 10."CUPA PRESEI LA BILIARD" - second edition, 1998 11."VIRTUAL MUSEUM OF ARTS" - website and e-book with artists from Braila ( 12."FORUMUL O.N.G.-urilor DIN BRAILA" - N.G.O.'s forums, co-organizer 13."BRAILA" - presentation website ( 14."BRAILA-UN SECOL DE FOTOGRAFIE" - photo exhibitions 15."FESTIVALUL SARBATORILOR POPULARE - SIGHETUL MARMATIEI 1998" - e-book 16."Costel PATRASCAN" - official website - cartoonist (

Futures programs: 1. "MASTILE POPULARE" - magic ritual masks (e-books, CD's, movie, print book, etc.) 2. "ARHITECTURA ROMANEASCA" - e-books,website and print catalog about romanian architecture 3. "EDUCATIE LA DISTANTA" - e-learning program 4. "e-revista ATAV" - e-newsletter 5. "BUCATARIA VECHE ROMANEASCA" - e-book, website and prin book about romanian ancient cuisine 6. "SPATIUL MISTIC" - mistic space in Romania