Planet Drum Ecuador


Montufar 915 y Ascazubi
Bahia de Caraquez


About Us

Planet Drum was founded in 1973 by Peter Berg, to provide an effective grassroots approach to ecology that emphasizes sustainability, community self-determination and regional self-reliance. In association with community activists and ecologists, Planet Drum developed the concept of a bioregion: a distinct area with coherent and interconnected plant and animal communities, and natural systems, often defined by a watershed. A bioregion is a whole “life-place” with unique requirements for human inhabitation so that it will not be disturbed and injured. Through its projects, publications, speakers, and workshops, Planet Drum helps start new bioregional groups and encourages local organizations and individuals to find ways to live within the natural confines of bioregions.

“Bioregion a geographic terrain and a terrain of consciousness” – Peter Berg

Local people and government invited Planet Drum (PDF); a non-profit, non-governmental foundation to Ecuador after a series of natural disasters left the city of Bahía de Caráquez in a terrible state. Following mudslides and natural disasters Bahía declared itself an eco-ciudad (eco-city), incorporating environmental policies into their by-laws. PDF was recruited as ecological consultants.

We put emphasis on fieldwork, research, and education. We integrate our projects with other non-profits, schools, local universities, local government, and the members of the community to carry out the environmental principles set by the city and to meet our objectives.