Firefly Uganda

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About Us

Firefly Uganda is tackling global environmental issues, while working hand in hand with the local communities of the Ssese Islands region of Uganda. We provide schools, better education, healthcare and environmental sustainability.

Transparency, honesty and cooperation with the local community is very important to us. We are not here to impose Western values, but to work with the people to find solutions to the problems we have identified together.

We run a number of different volunteering programs, from teaching to agriculture, design and construction. All our programs are open and interchangeable: if you would like to get involved in more than one, or suggest something new, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to do so!

We’re a small, dedicatedl team of volunteers: if you are looking for an opportunity to get deeply involved in a project, that will bring you the satisfaction of hard work in an environment that is fun and friendly, then this is the place for you.

Join our quest for a better future: for them, for you, for all our children and all living things!