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43 Avenue Fouchard
Port Au Prince


About Us

Bisou Bisou's Mission is to continuously create conditions for prosperity.

Vision: Bisou Bisou seeks to enable a generation of well educated and inspired students with universal values to reach their full potential through combined efforts of educational supplementation, recreational activities, community involvement and faith

Organizational Profile:

Bisou Bisou is entering in to its first year of full operation in 2014. Our mission is to Continuously Create Conditions for prosperity, through merit and needs based recruitment, of students in urban communities. Bisou Bisou’s triple impact method highlights Education, Recreation and Community Development as our primary areas of concern. By providing a range of supplementary educational courses and resources, recreational skill enhancers and requiring commitment to community involvement from all registered participants, Bisou Bisou offers a rare chance at self enhancement to deserving students from disadvantaged situations. In addition to the resources provided by Bisou Bisou, all registered participants will have access to partner resources including, but not limited to: international volunteer opportunities, scholarship placement, internships, seminars, certifications, ect. Our vision is to inspire students to choose greatness through the realization of their own potential. This in turn, will allow them to inspire others and eventually end the vicious cycle of poverty.

How We Work: Bisou Bisou employs a triple impact approach to ensure our programs have a sustainable positive effect on our participants and their communities. Our primary area of operation is Education, followed by Recreation and Community Development. Bisou Bisou is a powerhouse for professional development, training and self-exploration. We recruit students with the intention of challenging our students, while inspiring them to move towards change.

  • Education: Group tutoring options for middle and high school students; Review course for national annual exams for middle and high school students, Bi-Weekly English Language workshop
  • Recreation: Arts and Crafts, Crochet, Creative Writing, Dance
  • Community Development:All students registered with Bisou Bisou are required to maintain a quarterly quota of service hours in house or with a partner organization.

For more information, please visit our website at BisouBisouHaiti.Org or email any questions to