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About Us

The Be the Angel Project is dedicated to providing healthcare, necessities, and support for adolescent mothers and their children throughout Latin America. By allocating funds to establish new resources for these individuals, as well as kindling a relationship with pre-existing Latin American organizations that advocate the same cause, we seek to provide young, disenfranchised mothers and children with the tools to improve their quality of life.

The Be the Angel Project’s mission is threefold. First, we strive to establish resources to provide pregnant adolescents, mothers and their children with shelter and basic living necessities. In order to do this, we intend to allocate funds not only to establish women and children’s shelters, but also to sustain a partnership with La Casa de Acogida Mantay, a registered Peruvian nonprofit that houses teenage mothers and their children. Classified as Asociación Qallariy, Proyectos para la Ayuda al Desarrollo with the Public Registry of Cusco, as well as registered as a refuge home for minors by the Women’s Department of Lima, Casa Mantay’s mission parallels our own; because of this, we seek to aid them in continuing to provide necessities for young mothers and children in need.

We also mean to construct not only shelters for young mothers in need, but also to establish the means to lead a healthy, sustainable life. In order to accomplish this, the Be the Angel Project intends to distribute funds to promoting health care, both in the form of prenatal care for expectant mothers and general healthcare toward mothers and children. The Be the Angel Project hopes to achieve this by constructing clinics throughout Peru, then continuing to expand through Latin America, where mothers and their children can go to maintain a sufficient standard of health.

Lastly, the Be the Angel Project is dedicated to advocating its cause so that others may strive to assist teen mothers and their children, not just in Peru but throughout Latin America. This advocacy will take place largely through charity benefits, concerts and various fundraising endeavors, with all donations raised directly benefitting the Be the Angel Project. By spreading the word, teaching others about the needs of adolescent mothers and their children in Latin America, and encouraging them to positively impact these individuals, our mission is to create an international support network for the young women and children who need it the most.