Institute of Social and Medical Studies

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About Us

Based in Hanoi, the Institute of Social and Medical Studies (ISMS) is a leading nonprofit research institution working to advance public health and development in Vietnam. We aim to provide evidence that can be used to improve the lives and well-being of Vietnamese communities, particularly marginalized communities such as ethnic minorities, the poor, women, children, and people living with HIV.

Through its Survey Center (ISMS-SC), the institute provides customized research-based support for a range of studies including small- and large-scale quantitative surveys, longitudinal studies, qualitative studies, and evaluation research. The center’s client base spans multiple sectors such as international and domestic NGOs, foundations, universities, government agencies, and private businesses. Working in close collaboration with our clients, we offer services to assist in the implementation of high-quality scientific research studies. Areas of focus vary according to clients’ needs and have included child nutrition, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health/family planning, aging, tobacco control, and vulnerable youth.