The Sisters Seeholzer Reading Organization

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Los Angeles

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About Us

This is an organization for individuals across the United States to to help educate the youth of our communities in the power of reading. Our Reading List is chosen carefully to represent individuals who have taught us how to accept those that are different and to embrace the strength within. Our Organization is working hard to reach children and families within our own communities to individuals across the country. Our mission is to teach individuals of all ages the power of reading and writing. Through reading and writing the youth of our communities are given the outlet they need to express themselves. The SSRO is also a strong advocate for local bookstores and their positive influence on communities. We offer two scholarships at the beginning of the school term and are a nonprofit organization. We ask that any sizable donation given to the organization will be put to the running of our organization through volunteering to our communities as well as to our scholarships.

Thank you!