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About Us

Global South Watch, Inc., (GSW) formerly “The Association of Human Rights and Tortured Defenders” (AHURTOD) began operations in 2004 in a town called Buea the Capital of the South West Region of Cameroon. As a human rights and relief organization, GSW activities were focused on defending the rights of abuse victims irrespective of their nationality, gender, class, color, race or social status. Specific focus was paid to women and children who are the most vulnerable and whose voices had been silenced by hunger, injustice, inhumane treatments, lack of parental affection, sickness, unjust tradition, illiteracy, gender bias cultures, and natural disasters, etc. exposing most of them to misery and trauma, while forcing many children and adolescents to adopt delinquent and deviant behaviors as some kind of consolation and escape device.

Today, after engaging in grassroots advocacy for years, GSW has broadened its objectives from lessons learnt in the field to target and deliver programs that affects the most vulnerable. Following our incorporation in the United States in November 2011, GSW is committed to the monitoring and training of local organizations to engage in the Universal Review Process utilized by the UN Human Rights council. To accomplish this, GSW act as a liaison for many Civil Society Organizations in the Global South who cannot participate in this important process because of cost, knowledge and logistical reasons.

GSW also work to promote the rule of law by engaging in projects that increases access to justice for indigents and pro bono services. In addition GSW carry out philanthropic projects such as food aid, rural development assistance, assist migrant workers and newly arrived immigrants to the United States with legal assistance and information referral. Finally, GSW strives to provide grants to support small organizations in Global South Countries who have difficulties accessing funding, have developed a strong relationship with GSW, and have a track record of community engagement.