Food Against Diseases Fund (FAD)

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South Africa

About Us

Food Against Diseases Fund (FAD), is a non-profit NGO geared towards eradicating Malaria for good using natural waste products (banana pulp) which is found in abundance where Malaria is rife. FAD has a multi fingered approach with bananas, but the main aim is the Eradication of malaria as *described below. 1. We aim to create jobs in poor and remote areas (micro-farmers) 2. The jobs create food as well as for sale to other communities, African countries and export opportunities to 1st world countries 3. The jobs create income revenue for education at all levels, clinics, hygiene, sanitation and water 4. The banana waste is pulped for oil (some used in the eradication process – the rest as bio-fuel for cooking and lighting purposes. This in turn helps with deforestation). 5. The pulp fiber can be sold as recyclable natural paper for additional income

  • By using banana pulp oil which is non-toxic, environmentally friendly to man, beast and insect and is bio-degradable, the process is very simple. The aim is for villagers to spray the oil on pools, puddles and indents where these areas are potential breeding grounds (especially after the first rainy period and just before the water seeps into the ground). The breeding cycle gets interfered with immediately. When the female lands on the surface to breed, her legs and wings will get coated, she will be too weak to penetrate the oil (higher viscosity than water) and even if she does lay her eggs, the larva will either die in a few hours or they will be too weak to penetrate the oil surface. This eradication process is described on out website and our main aim is to get traffic there through another of our websites.