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About Us


To provide tools that enable all schools, parents, advocates, students, administrators, teachers and food service staff to progress from serving highly processed, unhealthy food to serving fresh, scratch-cooked food.

Background Statement

Over the last twelve years we've seen a groundswell of action rallying our children's future. Kids are in poorer health now than any time in the modern era and the prospects for change are not positive without immediate action by their community. Schools are viewed as a gateway to accessing a majority of our most at risk children. The lunchroom is the stage for change. It is the one location every child in every school passes through each day. Through school food reform the lunchroom is becoming a classroom and through The Lunch Box we want to provide the tools needed to help expedite this shift to better choices and healthier futures for our children.

Executive Director Statement

The Food Family Farming Foundation creates a platform for school food change through its projects; The Lunch Box and Let's Move Salad Bars to Schools, but it is more than a website or a grant program. The foundation is aggregating the change makers in school food, bringing them together at the virtual lunch table and activating every sector available to shift from a processed food centric National School Lunch Program to one that fully supports school meals produced with whole food ingredients every day at school. In a nation with cities abundant with food deserts we know that our kids may not see a fresh vegetable or fruit every day at home. Their corner store may not have one.