Community Action, Inc of Rock and Walworth Counties

  • WI


20 Eclipse Center
United States

About Us

Our Mission

At Community Action we provide access and opportunity for those we serve and those who support our efforts.  Through innovative programs and strong community partnerships we eliminate barriers, establishing clear pathways to economic self-reliance.

Our Vision

We fully leverage the commitment, talents and resources of our Board, staff and partners to ensure that individuals and families living in or close to poverty have access to the opportunities that enable them to pursue and achieve self-reliance. In doing our work we consistently affirm and cultivate the inherent potential of those we serve. We firmly believe in the capabilities of our participants and create programs that offer a ladder up, not a hand out. We understand our neighborhoods and communities will thrive only when all members have access to opportunities. We recognize that opportunity is not available equally in our communities and institutional barriers can be a road block to self-reliance. We have the courage to challenge policies and practices, within CAI and our communities, to ensure we are effective and accountable to those we are intended to serve.